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Just a profitable business won’t make you Wealthy…

Watch this 45-second video to understand
how being busy in business is actually costing you wealth.


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"I have always believed that profits in business will make me wealthy, but I realized I never had this profit in my hand. I was always busy scaling my business while my wealth was neglected. Finally I am on the path of massive creation with Arpit, no wonder he is called the 'Wise Guy'."

RV Kannan
Founder, Deltra Global Profiles Pvt Ltd

90% of Financial Experts don’t want you to know the BIGGEST SECRET of WEALTH CREATION.

Chase WEALTH, not just business profits!

Indian SME Manufacturers trust Arpit to accelerate their wealth.

Yes, I’m Ready to 2X My Wealth

Most Manufacturers know how to make MONEY, but not how to Manage money.

This is where you are stuck.

You think that business profits = personal wealth.

You are mindlessly investing without having a goal.

Your money is growing, but not fast enough or consistently.

You think your financial advisor or banker will make you wealthy.

You lack clarity on where your wealth is and how you can build it fast.

Just SIPs will not help you achieve the financial freedom you desire.

SIPs are a good investment for sure, but they will take FOREVER to create fast compounding wealth.

Learn the Framework Used By The
Top 1% Thriving Manufacturers
2X Your Wealth

Financial Freedom Acceleration Model


Define Your Business Financial Management

To understand which strategy fits your business best.


Focus on Your existing Wealth

Generate more ROI for your existing wealth through wisely allocating money in various asset classes


Accelerate Growth

Identify & jump on every opportunity to accelerate your money.


Achieve Financial Freedom

Make your money make more money for you.
Yes, I’m Ready to 2X My Wealth
“I used to invest in MF SIPs thinking that it is the best tool for my wealth creation until I attended Arpit's webinar.”

Jagdish Kumar

“Financial freedom always felt a little impossible and exaggerated… Aaj actual matlab and ease of money samajh aayi hai.”

Suja Vignesh

This webinar is for those Manufacturers who want to…


Have abundance of money (in-hand) not just have book profits


Compound their entire wealth using AUTOMATED systems and strategies of money growth


Learn legal strategies for saving taxes that even their financial advisors and maybe even CAs wouldn’t tell them.


Make ‘WHITE ki Income’ with fast growth


Get TOTAL Financial CONTROL over money so they can FOCUS on their business growth


Simplify the process of achieving Family Goals & building long-term wealth.

PS: This is not a regular webinar that will teach
you about the basics of investing and focus on Mutual Funds and SIPs.

This one’s all about giving you real, actionable steps that
can help you convert your wealth from
1 Cr to 100 Cr at 2x speed.

Don’t just take my word for it. Hear what people who have experienced the webinar have to say.

Here’s what you will learn in this 3-hour webinar.

Find out what you can do with your current wealth (and why what you’ve been doing is not enough).

Simplify your journey to wealth creation and achieve financial freedom (instead of getting your money stuck).

Top secrets to unlocking cash flow from your business to build your personal wealth (at a super-fast speed).

A single-page dashboard to track personal and business money (and say goodbye to disorganized finances) in 15 minutes daily.

Unconventional and modern ways to manage business and personal wealth (because business profits ≠ personal wealth).

Legal ways to save taxes (that no one is telling you).

Mistakes that are actually burning your money (even without you realizing it).

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E-Book on Money Management

A short crisp read to give you Powerful Mantras on Making Money



Years Experience

Meet the Man

Who Has Transformed The Lives (and Finances) of Thousands…

With a degree in Business Management from Roehampton University and an M.B.A. in Finance & Marketing from the London School of Commerce, Arpit is India’s leading Wealth Strategist & Personal Finance Expert. After spending a decade in the finance industry both in India and abroad, he realized that the biggest mistake business owners had been making was equating business profits with personal wealth. In doing so, they made themselves busy earning profits, forgetting the fact that the easiest way to make money is to make your money work for you, rather than you working hard for money.

Today, Arpit leverages his expertise to empower business owners to build business and personal wealth through new-age strategies. With a proven track record, he has successfully guided 1000+ business owners towards achieving significant personal wealth.

Listen to what top businessmen have to say about Arpit.


Vikram Chhabra

Sajjan Precision Casting, Ludhiana

Arpit is the go-to-guy if you are serious about creating wealth. I was initially unsure how someone so young can know so much about wealth creation strategies, but he deliver every promise he made and more...

Sanjeev Jain

TNS Infra, New Delhi

"With Arpit's advise I initiated with Rs 25k monthly investments and today I am making Rs 35lc monthly passive income per month. My journey to creating 100 crores net worth is just a few year away."

Anil Nair

SA diagnostic Pvt Ltd

In Masterclass 1-2-1 by going through the data i realized where i stand as far as my finances are concerned and the returns we make. Before 1-2-1 never realised my Insurance was inadequate, never bothered about Portfolio allocation, goal setting for financial needs. If one is serious about getting one's personal finances in order should attend Masterclass 1- 2-1 as practically going through it I realised that i would never have been able to re- structure my finances on my own and i would highly recommend this to others as well.

Amit Jain

Kesaria Rubber, Gurgaon

Met Arpit in 2018 and journey since then has been magical. Started my journey with Rs. 25 lacs and today that stands at more than 15x. Not only has Arpit helped me create my desired passive income but also gave me a system and framework to track my wealth. Looking forward to create the magic again and reach new heights with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

This webinar is for SME Manufacturers who want to grow their business profitability, increase their personal wealth, and learn strategies to leverage their business success for financial freedom.

This webinar is not JUST an investment based (stocks or mutual funds) learning session. It is designed to cover overall money management, right from ever financial decision to take after business sales to achieving financial freedom and everything in between. Packed with practical tips and mind-opening insights, you will leave with actionable steps and right resources to double your wealth.

This webinar is designed to suit even those who have little or no understanding of finances & numbers. In the webinar, we will break down the concepts into easy-to-understand steps and provide clear, actionable strategies you can implement from day 1.

We understand that every business and financial situation is unique. At the end of the webinar, we'll discuss resources and options for personal guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Absolutely! The Session will be interactive where you can ask your questions and doubts directly from Arpit.There will be dedicated time for Q&A during & post the webinar. You can also submit questions in advance during registration too!

Since it’s a LIVE session, a recording won’t be available for this session. Do get in touch with us on [email protected] if you would like to reschedule your webinar date and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Yes, I’m Ready to Grow My Wealth Faster
13 July, 2024, Saturday
Time: 10AM-1PM (IST)